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Advisory Board membership

Members of the Advisory Board are designated for a term of four years, renewable once. The next selection procedure will take place in 2025.

The current members of the Advisory Board were designated by the Management Board of the European Environment Agency (EEA) on 24 March 2022, following an open, fair and transparent selection procedure.

The EEA issued a call with the aim of designating the members of the Advisory Board from 27 September until 1 November 2021. An Evaluation Committee was then established by the EEA Management Board to identify the most suitable candidates for the Advisory Board established under the European Climate Law.  The EEA Management Board discussed the report from the Evaluation Committee and, based on the Evaluation Committee’s recommendations, designated the members of the Advisory Board.

Secretariat vacancies

The Advisory Board is supported in its work by a secretariat, hosted by the European Environment Agency (EEA), based in Copenhagen, Denmark. All recruitment processes are organised by the EEA and vacancy notices can be accessed via the EEA recruitment website. We do not consider unsolicited applications.

Traineeship opportunities in the Secretariat

The Secretariat to the Advisory Board may consider offering traineeship opportunities. It will only consider applications received through the traineeship programme of the European Commission (so-called “Blue Book Traineeship”), operated and regulated by the Traineeship Office of the European Commission. Further information about Blue Book Traineeship is available here.