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About the Advisory Board

The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change is an independent body providing the European Union (EU) with scientific knowledge, expertise and advice relating to climate change. The Advisory Board evaluates policies and identifies actions and opportunities to successfully achieve the EU’s climate targets. It was established in 2021 by the European Climate Law and consists of 15 independent senior scientific experts covering a broad range of relevant disciplines.

The Advisory Board works in an independent and transparent manner, guided by shared European values. It strives to identify policy options and pathways to achieve fast and cost-effective greenhouse gas emission reductions in Europe, and to ensure continuous progress in adapting to climate change. It assesses policy and implementation gaps, and advises on actions needed to improve existing policies.

It regularly evaluates the contribution of existing and proposed policies, in particular at the EU level, towards climate goals. In doing so, it also considers, to the extent feasible, the contribution of these policies to other EU objectives stated in the European Climate Law, such as fairness and solidarity, the well-being of citizens, energy and food security and affordability, as well as environmental integrity.

It delivers concrete advice, recommendations and guidance to EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and Member States), standing on facts, the best available and most recent scientific evidence, and robust analysis. To ensure its inputs are relevant and timely, the Advisory Board maintains a regular dialogue with policy makers at the EU level and seeks to engage early on in EU policy processes.

The Advisory Board establishes and maintains trusted working relationships with the EU scientific community and networks to access relevant expertise and identify suitable evidence to support its analysis. It contributes to the exchange of independent scientific knowledge within the EU and closely cooperates with national climate advisory bodies that provide expert scientific advice on climate policy in the EU.

The Advisory Board also interacts and engages with a broad range of stakeholders in order to raise awareness on climate change and its impacts, share evidence and exchange feedback on EU policies and initiatives. These include for example national governments and parliaments, climate think tanks and non-governmental organisations, social partners, industry associations, media, EU citizens, etc.