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We are looking for senior profiles with strong analytical skills in the fields of energy, agriculture, or climate adaptation.

Are you passionate about climate action and thriving in a multicultural environment? The Secretariat to the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change is looking for skilled individuals to join our team.

The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change is an independent body providing the EU with scientific knowledge, expertise, and advice relating to climate change. The Advisory Board evaluates policies and identifies actions and opportunities to successfully achieve the EU’s climate targets.

We are looking for candidates with extensive experience and expertise in climate scenarios, climate policy, or economic analysis within the following areas:

  • Energy production and energy systems;
  • Agriculture and the land use sector;
  • Climate impacts and adaptation.

Under the responsibility of the Head of the Secretariat to the Advisory Board, and as project lead or member of a project team, you will be carrying out some of the following tasks:

  • Preparing advice and underpinning reports from the Advisory Board, focusing on climate modelling, policy assessment, and economic analysis;
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress against EU climate-related policy objectives in relevant economic sectors;
  • Analysing climate neutrality and climate resilient pathways for the EU in relevant economic sectors, including the mitigation potential of various policy options (e.g., technological, demand-side), and conducting economic analysis to support decision-making;
  • Evaluating existing and proposed EU policies and governance frameworks relevant to climate change mitigation and adaptation, their expected effects, and their coherence with the EU’s climate targets;
  • Assessing existing and planned action at the national level and in specific sectors in relation to greenhouse gas emission trajectories and targets, emphasizing economic and socio-economic analysis;
  • Helping deliver on cross-cutting issues, encompassing various enabling factors for the transition to climate neutrality and climate resilience;
  • Seeking out and maintaining dialogue with relevant EU actors and decision makers, particularly in the field of climate modelling, policy, and economics.

The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change was established in 2021 by the European Climate Law and consists of 15 independent senior scientific experts covering a broad range of relevant disciplines. The Advisory Board is supported in its work by a Secretariat, hosted by the European Environment Agency, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Read more about how to apply, the contractual conditions, and the different eligibility and selection criteria on the European Environment Agency’s recruitment portal.